How to stream the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest live

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The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the biggest TV events on the calendar, with people watching the musical spectacle from as far away as Australia and the U.S.

This year, the 64th Eurovision contest will be held on Saturday, May 18, at 4 p.m. EST in Tel Aviv, Israel. Find out how you can catch the performances live. Watch it all unfold with a VPN.

How to watch Eurovision live

If you live in a participating country, you’ll be able to watch the semi-finals and the grand final on a public broadcaster. If you’re watching outside of Europe, there are several ways you can tune into the show.

Watch Eurovision live on BBC One

Let’s face it, Eurovision would be incomplete without live commentary from Graham Norton on BBC One. If previous years are anything to go by, you’ll be able to watch Eurovision on BBC iPlayer in a few simple steps.

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN
  2. Connect to a U.K. server location
  3. Go to and sign up (you’ll need to use a UK postcode to register)
  4. Head to BBC One and stream the show

Stream Eurovision on SBS Australia

You can also watch Eurovision live on Australian television network SBS.

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN
  2. Connect to an Australia server location
  3. Go to and sign up
  4. Go to SBS or SBS On Demand and watch the show

Stream Eurovision live on YouTube

If you don’t need the commentary, you can also watch the contest live via Eurovision’s official YouTube channel. If you don’t have access to YouTube, simply sign up to ExpressVPN and connect to an ExpressVPN location where YouTube is not blocked.

Stay tuned for more ways to watch Eurovision as we get closer to the date.

When is Eurovision?

This year, the 64th Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final will be shown on May 18, 2019. There are two semi-finals before that—the first takes place on May 14 and the second will be on May 16.

Who won Eurovision in 2018?

Israel’s Netta Barzilai won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018, with her song TOY.

Where will Eurovision be this year?

Thanks to their victory in last year’s contest, Israel will be hosting this year’s Eurovision. The contest will be held in the city of Tel Aviv.

Why is Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Eurovision isn’t strictly limited to European countries. The contest itself was started by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which includes  broadcasters beyond the geographical limits of Europe.

There are 56 member countries, including Israel, which are all allowed to perform at Eurovision if they want to. Israel itself has been in Eurovision for decades and has won four times.

How does voting work in Eurovision?

Eurovision voting is split between judges from each country, and a televote. First, each country’s jury awards 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point to their favorite songs. Afterward, the televote is read out, where the combined public vote totals (via phone or SMS) are read out in ascending order.

Viewers can vote up to 20 times for their favorite songs, except the one from their own country. The country with the most  points from both judges and the public wins the competition and hosts Eurovision the next year.

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