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The icon often used to portray an image gallery, but with the icon often used to portray a lock in the position where notifications usually pop up (the bottom right).

How to make your photos more private on social media

3 min read
“A picture is worth a thousand words,” so the old adage goes. Today, with virtually all photos taken digitally...
A profile of a shouting person.

Why Facebook is the tool of choice for government manipulation

3 min read
The Global Disinformation Order, a new study by the Oxford Internet Institute, confirms our worst fears about governments’ use...

Are at-home DNA tests worth the privacy risks?

5 min read
I admit I’ve always been intrigued by DNA testing kits. My family lineage is complex, spanning a range of...
Facilities and services of a smart city

What are smart cities?

4 min read
The words “smart city” are practically a foolproof conversation starter these days. Around the world, cities are implementing IoT...

Can filmmaking be the future of VR?

4 min read
Virtual reality technology has been a talking point for a few years now without really breaking through to the...

ExpressVPN and HP provide VPN protection to PC users

1 min read
We’re thrilled to announce that ExpressVPN is working with HP to help its users stay private and secure online....
Passport with a biometric image of a face.

Opt out of a face scan at the airport? Easier said...

7 min read
Air travel is stressful—from finding the best flight prices to lining up for what feels like hours to get...
A regular man, except with a devil's tale, walks along with a telephone.

Instead of freeing us, the internet is making us conform

4 min read
The fact that we’re far less likely to engage in deviant behavior if we think we’re being watched isn’t...
Car headlights appear out of a misty dark. But what's this? They have eyes!!

Is your car spying on you?

3 min read
Unlike many other devices, cars are not prefixed with the word smart. Even if they’re connected to the internet—and...
A Bitcoin and a dollar, synced by two circular arrows.

Want to trade crypto? Here are the top 5 exchanges to...

4 min read
To buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you have multiple options. You can go to a Bitcoin ATM, accept them...

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