Internet security

An illustration of a lock with a magnifying glass held over it. The lens on the magnifying glass reveals the inner workings of the lock. As if the magnifying glass were some sort of magic x-ray machine, possibly from the future.

ExpressVPN publishes outside security audit and open-sources browser extension

4 min read
From the outside, most locks look the same. Some may resist picking or bumping, others may be reinforced against drills, but you’d never know...
Facebook Meme Challenge Data Mining

Facebook’s 10-Year Challenge went from nostalgic to dystopian real quick

4 min read
A seemingly innocuous photo op with a potentially seedy underside, the 10-Year Challenge is the latest Facebook fad to grip the world. More than...
The U.S. government shutdown causes privacy problems

In U.S. government shutdown, your privacy takes a hit

3 min read
Now well into its third week, the U.S. government shutdown has officially become the longest in history. More than 800,000 federal employees are working...
An image of Facebook downvoting ad blockers

Facebook vs. ad blockers: No matter who wins, you lose

3 min read
In the latest chapter of Facebook’s war against ad blockers, developers have reported that the social media king has been actively injecting extra lines...
The Marriott logo restyled to look like an open padlock.

Marriott loses the data of half a billion customers

1 min read
Have you traveled for work or pleasure at any point in the past four years? If yes, you could be one of a staggering...
France is dropping Google

France is bidding adieu to Google in favor of a more private search engine

3 min read
While the U.S. government is working to tighten its grip over citizens’ personal privacy, Europe’s new policy regulations are hoping to do the opposite. Last...
An illustration of an atomic bomb explosion. Because this is serious stuff.

An introduction to threat modeling

3 min read
If you are always worried about your ISP, corporations, and the government spying on you, maybe it’s time to complete an exercise called threat...
A GIF file image with a yellow ribbon on it.

ExpressVPN’s Cyber Security GIF-away: All the winners!

1 min read
You tweeted, liked, and retweeted, and the results for this year’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) contest are in! Thank you to everyone who...
An image of a laptop shaking its contents into the bin.

How to properly dispose of your hard drives

3 min read
Data is valuable. Your pictures, legal documents, chat logs, and even saved video games are all things you wouldn't want to be public. Today, people...
The CDT logo next to the ExpressVPN logo.

ExpressVPN launches “Signals of Trustworthy VPNs” with CDT

1 min read
Crunchy? Extra creamy? Reduced fat? Old-fashioned, whatever that means? We’ve all had that feeling of being overwhelmed by choice when shopping, whether for peanut butter…...

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