Internet security

OS X Yosemite: Are security and privacy the first thought or an afterthought?

4 min read
Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) has arrived and, according to Apple, it comes with safety. Built right in. The company’s claim that security was “The...
Bitly links flagged as Malware.

Don’t get bit: URL-shortening service flagged as malware

3 min read
If you can't trust Bitly, who can you trust? Citizens of the web found themselves stymied last week when Google Chrome and Firefox began...

Backoff, malware! POS problem won’t leave well enough alone

3 min read
Visited a Dairy Queen lately and paid with your credit or debit card? If so, it's possible your personal information was stolen by the...
use a vpn to stop verizon wireless from tracking you

Verizon’s ‘perma-cookie’: Just another example of how ISPs invade, threaten our privacy

3 min read
**Update: Verizon forced 'supercookies' on all of their customers until March 2015, when several senators raised privacy concerns over the practice. One year later,...

Unsuspecting Android users could find malware wrapped in image files

2 min read
Researchers have discovered a new technique which could allow malicious apps to be delivered to unsuspecting Android users via image files. Fortinet malware researcher Axelle...

Old ATMs susceptible to malware attacks, ATM scams on the rise

3 min read
Back in the summer of 2010 the late Barnaby Jack gave a presentation at the Black Hat security conference in which he demonstrated the ‘jackpotting’...

Malware infects MS Office: Like you needed another reason to hate PowerPoint

3 min read
“Death by PowerPoint” — it's a common refrain from office workers inundated by one lifeless slideshow after another, desperately wishing a nap in the...

Sick and tired: Ebola malware making the rounds

3 min read
What are your chances of contracting Ebola, the awful haemorrhagic fever spreading through West Africa? Despite recent media coverage the answer is extremely low...

Smart meters, dumb security? Hacking the Internet of Things

3 min read
According to the UK's Department of Energy and Climate Change, almost 100,000 smart meters were installed in homes through the second quarter of 2014...

YouTube malware: Sweet Orange swallows YouTube

3 min read
Watch YouTube much? Statistics say you do — according to the video sharing site's official statistics page, over 1 billion unique users visit and...

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