Internet security

Android phone with app permissions for YouTube.

How to change app permissions on your devices

2 min read
When downloading an app to your device, sometimes a message pops up to request permissions that the app would...
Two people working in a coffee shop and at home

How to work from home: Keeping safe and sane while remote

6 min read
The coronavirus outbreak has prompted a lot of companies, including Google and Apple, to recommend their employees work from...
Tiled CA certificates.

Let’s Encrypt has issued a billion certificates, securely encrypting nearly 200 million sites

3 min read
An effortless way to check whether the site you just logged on to maintains an encrypted connection is whether it starts with HTTP or...
A screenshot of the Google homepage with a tear drop where the extension icon should be.

Chrome extensions found leaking millions of records

3 min read
Security researchers at a division of Cisco said last week that they had uncovered 71 extensions in the Chrome Web Store that had covertly...
Google search results page with whatsapp icons showing WhatsApp links..

Google was publicly indexing your private WhatsApp groups, and no one knows for how...

1 min read
Up until a few days ago, if anyone had created a link to invite people to a WhatsApp group via the “Invite to Group...
The Bluetooth logo with evil eyes.

Are you an Android user? Your Bluetooth might be compromised

2 min read
Researchers at the Secure Mobile Networking Lab at Technische Universität Darmstadt recently discovered CVE-2020-0022, an Android bug which targets the Bluetooth code of Android...
The Android logo, but it's red and has evil eyes.

The uncrackable Android trojan: What is xHelper?

2 min read
We’ve advised our readers to stay safe from malware and trojans by keeping their devices updated at all times, but a new strain caught...
An illustration of a SIM card.

How to protect yourself from SIM swapping

2 min read
More and more services use your phone number to identify you, sometimes in addition to an email address, other times instead of one. This may...
ExpressVPN and Dynabook logos symbolizing new partnership

ExpressVPN and Dynabook (formerly Toshiba) announce global partnership

1 min read
We're pleased to announce our global partnership with Dynabook (formerly the PC unit of Toshiba) to provide Dynabook users with essential internet protection. As part...

ExpressVPN jointly launches industry initiative for internet safety

2 min read
When we started ExpressVPN over a decade ago, we knew VPNs were important online safety and access tools, and we’re thrilled in the years...
A gift box with a white ribbon and red wrapping paper with crossed-out eye symbol.

Tech gifts that respect your privacy (and some that don’t)

4 min read
In the whirlwind season of Black Friday sales and Christmas deals, it can be hard to resist the ridiculous savings on Amazon Ring cameras...
An illustation of a phone with "e-signature" written on it in a cursive font.

What is an e-signature, and how does it work?

4 min read
If you’ve recently signed a new job contract, finalized the lease on an apartment, or confirmed a loan online, chances are you’ve used an...

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