Internet privacy

A pigeon with a pair of binoculars.

How do advertisers always know where you are?

2 min read
To build a profile of you, advertisers can gather a multitude of information. They can follow you around the...
Facebook app icon with surveillance notification alert.

What is Off-Facebook activity, and what does it reveal about your...

2 min read
Facebook harvests a lot of your data, even when you’re not actually using it. Now, finally, Facebook is letting...
Two phones on a map with lines intersecting from them.

Google and Apple are co-creating a contact-tracing tool. Can you trust it?

3 min read
In what can only be described as the most unlikely of partnerships, Apple and Google have teamed up to develop a contact-tracing tool that...
What is GDPR

What is GDPR and how do you obtain GDPR compliance?

6 min read
To understand the story of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we must rewind back to 2011. That was when newly graduated Austrian lawyer...
A face mask being recorded on a computer screen.

Countries are using greater surveillance measures to track Covid-19. What are they tracking?

3 min read
Heightened global concerns over the novel coronavirus have compelled countries to implement measures such as flight suspensions, mandatory quarantine and work from home mandates,...
Android phone with app permissions for YouTube.

How to change app permissions on your devices

2 min read
When downloading an app to your device, sometimes a message pops up to request permissions that the app would like to have in order...
Google's terms of service with yes and no buttons.

Google is trying to make its new terms of service more readable

1 min read
If you’ve googled something at some point in the last couple of weeks, you’ve likely seen this nondescript blue bar on top of your...
Face ID scans with checkmarks next to them

Facial recognition works even when you’re covering your face

2 min read
Until recently, facial recognition software needed to scan your entire face in order to attempt to identify you. That may no longer be the...
A padlock painted with the Stars and Stripes.

A new survey shows Americans increasingly care about privacy

4 min read
Given how many privacy breaches hit the news, it’s of little surprise that 96% of Americans recently surveyed by ExpressVPN said that online data...
Map with a red location drop pin.

An open-source alternative to Google Maps

4 min read
Google knows a lot about you. From your search history to everything you ask your voice assistant, the tech giant collects data indiscriminately and...
An illustration of a heart-shaped padlock.

Online dating and privacy: Will it ever be a match?

4 min read
On February 14, sweethearts will exchange cards, flowers, candy, and more in the name of St. Valentine. Yet, to this day, no one is...
Google drop pin with a party hat and a balloon with 15 on it.

Google Maps is turning 15. How has it dominated the way we navigate?

2 min read
Do you remember the last time you looked at  a printed map? If you drive, then maybe you have an outdated Road Atlas collecting...

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