Digital Security Lab

Crypto falling into a trap.
5 mins

Is that a crypto wallet app—or a scam?

Beware of fake crypto wallet apps, which abound in Apple and Google’s app stores, as ExpressVPN's Digital Security Lab has found.
OnionShare logo.
1 min

Got a tip on privacy issues? Let us know anonymously

Send the ExpressVPN Digital Security Lab an anonymous tip via our secure drop in Tor, and we could start an investigation.
Location symbol with an eye on a phone.
3 mins

We analyzed 450 apps and found location trackers in every one

Original research from the ExpressVPN Digital Security Lab reveals the extent of location surveillance.
A microscope with a globe.
3 mins

Introducing ExpressVPN’s Digital Security Lab

It will conduct original research in the areas of digital privacy, cybersecurity, access to knowledge, and information flows.
Pipe with a broken elbow.
5 mins

ExpressVPN leak testing tools

The ExpressVPN Leak Testing Tools are an extensible suite of Python tools for manual and automated leak testing of VPN applications.

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