Digital freedom

A map location pin with an image of the covid-19 virus.

Survey: Americans distrust contact-tracing apps but are willing to use them...

4 min read
Big tech got a thumbs down in ExpressVPN’s last survey about American attitudes towards privacy, and while things have...
A CCTV camera glares at a grocery bag.

Contactless supermarkets are here. But at what cost?

5 min read
Contactless stores and delivery options have shot into the mainstream thanks to the spread of Covid-19, and it’s very...
A whip with the lashes made from a stream of ones and zeroes.

What is cybertorture? How our minds are vulnerable to online experiences

3 min read
What will change if we are forced to move our social circle to virtual lands, browse the web anonymously, and stay permanently at home?...
Mobile phone switched off with a red off icon.

Maybe it’s time to dump social media, just for a little bit

2 min read
For a lot of us these days, the internet has become our sole tether to the outside world, connecting us virtually to family and...
An illustration of a hand covering a computer screen.

Internet censorship: What is it, and how does it happen?

6 min read
The internet was initially envisioned as a medium for the free flow of information and knowledge—hence its early description as the “information superhighway.” But...
Router with a speedometer above it.

How to boost Wi-Fi at home for faster internet

3 min read
It will not surprise anyone that internet usage has surged dramatically in the past few weeks, thanks to people isolating and working from home. Streaming...
Band-aid over a phone with the EU logo.

The EU wants you to have the ‘right to repair’ your electronic devices

2 min read
If you’re frustrated at not being able to switch batteries in your older generation iPhone, or not being able to update your classic click-wheel...
A laptop with a dollar sign crossed out.

Free things you can do online when you’re stuck at home

2 min read
With cafes and restaurants shut, major sports and music events cancelled, and movement outside your home restricted to essential trips to the supermarket, a...
A map of California.

Why isn’t Big Tech embraced in its own backyard?

5 min read
Silicon Valley and San Francisco’s Bay Area have long been synonymous with Big Tech. It was the center of the dot-com boom of the...
An illustration of some spam email inside the "No Entry" sign.

8 ways to get rid of spam email

4 min read
It’s difficult to define exactly what constitutes email spam. What might be a useful newsletter to one person could be unwanted advertising to another,...
An illustration of a man wearing a smiley-face mask.

Students and activists in the U.S. lead the fight against facial recognition

3 min read
Advancements in facial recognition tech have made it possible to identify us even when we’re covering our face, but a new wave of privacy...
A chubby version of the Android logo.

Organizations push Google for tighter control over bloatware

3 min read
Is your Android device glitchy and unresponsive? Part of the problem could be bloatware: pre-bundled apps and software that can’t be deleted, no matter...

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