Jamie writes about current issues concerning digital privacy and security and is known to interview leading figures in tech. He also keeps an eye on changes in government censorship and surveillance.
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A gift box with a white ribbon and red wrapping paper with crossed-out eye symbol.

Tech gifts that respect your privacy (and some that don’t)

4 min read
In the whirlwind season of Black Friday sales and Christmas deals, it can be hard to resist the ridiculous...
Bird's-eye view of a brain seen through military binocular vision.

Tech that can spy on our brains is coming

3 min read
Almost ten years ago, Facebook launched its facial recognition tool, which could identify people in photos uploaded onto the...
Message icons with a password lock on a speech bubble.

Protect your messaging apps with a password now

3 min read
We’ve previously written about which messaging apps you should be using instead of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. (If...
A crowd hold their phones aloft.

The most secure messaging apps in 2019

6 min read
From WhatsApp to Snapchat, messaging apps provide a free and easy service to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers. Without...
2019 ExpressVPN Scholarship winner

Announcing the winner of the 2019 Future of Privacy Scholarship

5 min read
We are excited to announce the winner of the ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship 2019: Seth Connell, a law...
The icon often used to portray an image gallery, but with the icon often used to portray a lock in the position where notifications usually pop up (the bottom right).

How to make your photos more private on social media

3 min read
“A picture is worth a thousand words,” so the old adage goes. Today, with virtually all photos taken digitally...
Passport with a biometric image of a face.

Opt out of a face scan at the airport? Easier said...

7 min read
Air travel is stressful—from finding the best flight prices to lining up for what feels like hours to get...
Red fist with cascadings numbers.

3 things activists can do to strengthen their privacy and security

1 min read
Plummeting press freedoms, stifled internet access, attempts to subvert encryption, and plenty of other indicators point to a budding...
Mohammed Al-Maskati

Interview: Meet the person protecting human rights activists amid mass surveillance

6 min read
Front Line Defenders’s Mohammed Al-Maskati has spent most of his life fighting for human rights in Bahrain and the...
Browser with boxes containing different types of browsing activity.

You should be compartmentalizing your browsers. Here’s how it works.

2 min read
We’re acutely aware that our data is valuable—our online movements are followed assiduously by companies and governments who wish...

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