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An illustration of a massive iceberg, with only the tip showing above the water.

Why you can’t judge a VPN by its server count

6 min read
When it comes to choosing a VPN company, there are many things you'll want to take into account, such...
An illustration of a leaking computer cable viewed through a magnifying glass.

ExpressVPN leak testing tools

6 min read
The ExpressVPN Leak Testing Tools are an extensible suite of Python tools designed for both manual and automated leak...
ExpressVPN server rises from the ashes.

How ExpressVPN keeps its web servers patched and secure

8 min read
This article explains ExpressVPN’s approach to security patch management for the infrastructure running the ExpressVPN website (not the VPN...
What is a DNS leak?

What are DNS leaks?

2 min read
In a previous blog, we talked about what DNS is, how it works, and why it can give away...
Preventing DNS Leaks When Switching Network Interfaces

Technical Overview: Preventing DNS Leaks When Switching Network Interfaces

5 min read
To effectively offer a user privacy and security, a VPN application must ensure that a user’s DNS requests remain...
What does DNS mean?

How does DNS work?

3 min read
The Domain Name System (DNS) acts as the phone directory of the Internet. Instead of phone numbers, computers communicate...
How ExpressVPN utilizes Ansible

How to use Ansible Variables and Vaults

5 min read
How we use Ansible extensively at ExpressVPN Our development teams work independently, that is to say, a team owns their...
ExpressVPN username and password authentication.

How ExpressVPN authenticates its apps

2 min read
How do ExpressVPN servers know which app belongs to a customer and which does not? On most apps, the...
What you need to know about OSTIF's OpenVPN audit

The facts about the OSTIF OpenVPN source code audit

1 min read
With funding from the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund (OSTIF), a group of security experts from QuarksLab spent the...
YouTube traffic security flaw exposed

Your YouTube history exposed: Researcher identifies inherent security flaw in video...

6 min read
While researching how Internet Service Providers (ISPs) could optimize their services to improve users’ video-watching experiences, cyber-security expert Ran...

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